Gene Technology and Procedures – Recombinant Protein Production with CHO Cells

The technologies and procedures to generate high-expressing, stable clonal recombinant cell lines comprise the following:

Selexis SGE® (Selexis Genetic Elements)

Selexis SGE are unique epigenetic DNA-based elements that control the dynamic organization of chromatin across all mammalian cells. They allow for enhanced transcription by isolating the integrated transgene from the silencing effects of the surrounding chromatin.

SUREtech Vectors

Selexis SUREtech Vectors are proprietary vectors that are designed around SGE to ensure:

  • Ease of DNA cloning of the gene of interest into the vector backbone
  • Efficient and stable integration of the gene of interest into the host chromosome

SUREfection Procedures

Selexis SUREfection Procedures have been optimized to ensure optimal transfection efficiencies. This procedure usually leads to > 80% of cells being transfected.

SUREvariant Screening

With SUREvariant Screening, Selexis can generate panels of up to 250 CHO-M cell pools (SUREpools™), each expressing different protein variants. Typical expression levels in the supernatants (SUREnatants™) for MAbs vary between 200-500 mg/L. Containing the recombinant proteins that are expressed with mammalian post-translational modifications, SUREnatants can be readily assessed for activity. The Selexis SUREpools that express lead candidates may be banked (stored) and reused for future assays.