Mammalian Cell Protein Expression Technology

We believe that our cell line development technologies offers solutions that no one else is able to provide. It's about QUALITY, SPEED, RELIABILITY, and INNOVATION. It's about being able to bring new and life-saving drugs to clinical trials and the patients who need them.

Selexis SUREtechnology Platform™
Redefining best-in-class cell line development technologies:

Selexis’ innovation and expertise have enabled the development and ongoing optimization of the most robust and flexible mammalian cell line-based protein expression platform in the industry. The SUREtechnology Platform improves the way that mammalian cells are used in the discovery, development, and manufacturing of any recombinant protein drug. This technology provides several key advantages over traditional approaches: Speed, Productivity, Stability, and Flexibility.

The Selexis team has been able to deploy SUREtechnology to generate nearly 120 clonal research cell banks that have reached clinical and commercial manufacturing, representing one of the industry’s largest portfolios.

Modular cell line development technologies to help develop and translate new therapies from the lab to the patient


  • With our accelerated RCB program, Selexis can deliver a high expressing and stable RCB in 14 weeks from transfection
  • 250 stable CHO cell pools in 5 weeks for screening campaigns


  • High long-term recombinant mammalian cell protein expression levels by up to 20-fold or greater
  • Average productivity for mAbs is 2-7 g/L (fed batch culture in shake flask)
  • >1.5 g/L at 95% purity for difficult-to-express proteins, such as bi-specific monoclonal antibodies (fed batch culture in shake flask)
  • >10 g/L in bioreactor


  • Long-term expression of therapeutic proteins more than 90 generations
  • Not associated with chromosomal rearrangements nor chromosomal breaks


  • SUREtechnology Platform modules can address a broad range of mammalian cell protein expression bottlenecks
  • Highly effective in a variety of cell lines

The SUREtechnology Platform is fueled by four major components, each of which is supported by a number of proprietary technologies that are unique to Selexis: