CHO Cell Line Development – Select Lead Candidate

Selexis' SUREvariant Screening reduces lead candidate development timelines and promotes faster, more informed decision-making.

Our well-established SUREtechnology Platform™ is a fast and cost-effective approach for generating manufacturing cell lines. This technology has been adapted into our novel SUREvariant Screening, which allows selected DNA libraries in a CHO manufacturing cell line to be screened, thus linking the selection and expression of a gene of interest.

Features of Selexis’ SUREvariant Screening Platform

  • Eliminates candidates that cannot be easily expressed in mammalian cells
  • Determines key parameters of any recombinant protein early in the process
  • Ensures a steady supply of preclinical material
  • Significantly reduces development time by typically ≥6 months
  • Reduces manufacturing issues through an early selection of candidates
  • Cuts cost by over $1,000,000 per candidate


Using the SUREvariant Screening Platform, Selexis can generate panels of up to 250 CHO-M cell pools (SUREpools), each expressing different protein variants. The Selexis SUREpools are developed from a mammalian cell line and can be readily assessed for activity. The SUREpools that express lead candidates are then banked (stored) and can be reused for future assays.

The Selexis SUREpools that express the top clinical candidates can be transferred to the Selexis’ SURE Cell Line Development Platform. Once they are transferred, Selexis’ SUREpools can generate high-producing clonal cell lines that are ready for cGMP manufacturing, ensuring a match between preclinical and clinical material. This complex process may be completed in as short as 11 weeks and can reduce CHO cell line development costs by over $1,000,000 per clinical candidate.