Cell Line Development Services

Best-in-class modular cell line development technology that are combined with industry-leading expertise to help our partners identify and deliver innovative therapies to patients.

For nearly 20 years, Selexis has built collaborations, partnerships, and commercial deals with leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Our innovative cell line development technologies significantly reduce the time, effort, and costs that are associated with developing high-performance mammalian cell lines used for innovative therapies.  (e.g., MAbs, growth factors, and enzymes).

Our world-class expert services include:


The pressures on the CHO expression system to express these complex proteins led Selexis to develop a series of new modules for its cell line development technologies. They address issues such as transcription, translation, glycosylation, folding and secretion bottlenecks. These modules allow the identification of lead candidate clones that will ultimately be used for biolgics manufacturing. To mitigate the risks, Selexis has developed modules based on next generation sequencing (NGS) methods. These include genetic characterization, clonality assessment and authentication of CHO manufacturing cell lines.

At Selexis, we believe in the promise of these newer biologics! We have committed significant resources to ensure our technologies can meet the challenges that these non-natural proteins present.

Selexis partners' clinical and commercial pipelines using SUREtechnology

Selexis Pipeline