Pioneering technology that is combined with industry-leading expertise to help our partners identify and deliver innovative therapies to patients.

For over 15 years, Selexis has built collaborations, partnerships, and commercial deals with leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Our innovative technologies and world-class expert services significantly reduce the time, effort, and costs that are associated with developing high-performance mammalian cell lines for therapeutic protein production (e.g., MAbs, growth factors, and enzymes).

  • Cell line development
  • Lead identification
  • Genome characterization


From discovery to commercial products, Selexis’s technology is proven and is currently being used by customers worldwide.

The development of the Selexis SUREtechnology Platform means that it is now possible to generate stable and high-performing manufacturing cell lines in approximately 3 months with productivity levels of 1-7 g/L for MAbs (fed-batch culture in a shake flask), thereby expediting entry into CMO manufacturing while reducing the need for greater bioreactor capacity.

Furthermore, the Selexis SUREvariant Screening platform enables our customers to improve clinical success by identifying high-quality lead candidates.

Selexis partners' clinical and commercial pipelines using SUREtechnology

Cell Line Development Pipeline