Target Discovery

Using Selexis SUREvariant Screening early in the target discovery process can save approximately 5 to 9 months in development time and can reduce costs by over $1 million per clinical candidate.

The Selexis SUREtechnology Platform is a powerful tool for accelerating and improving the outcomes of protein therapeutic target discovery campaigns.

Most biologics require mammalian post-translational modifications, such as glycosylation, for optimal activity and hence must be produced in mammalian cells. Therefore, the ideal screening system produces candidate molecules in mammalian cells as early as possible to generate more accurate readouts from the screening assays.

The Selexis SUREvariant Screening platform supports target discovery work by allowing the early evaluation of up to 500 candidate molecules that are expressed with mammalian modifications in the Selexis SURE CHO-M Cell Line. SUREvariant Screening eliminates the need for transient transfections; stable cell lines for up to 500 candidates are generated. This minimizes the variability in protein expression and post-translational modifications throughout the screening process. Screening early on in the production cell line ensures that the final candidate(s) can be produced at sufficient levels for manufacturing and with the correct post-translational modifications. As a result, SUREvariant Screening results in more clinically relevant data earlier and better decision-making with regard to clinical candidates.