In vitro molecular diagnostics (IVDs) play an important role in effective disease management. The need for IVD assays continues to grow as increasingly sophisticated bioinformatics tools enable the identification of novel biomarkers that are associated with disease. With these advances, the need for accurate assays to measure these biomarkers grows. To build a quality IVD assay, it is imperative to have quality reagents.

The Selexis SUREtechnology Platform and Selexis’ world-class expert services allow for the generation of stable cell lines that express significant levels of high-quality diagnostic reagents, such as monoclonal antibodies and growth factors, for immunoassays or companion diagnostics. The SUREtechnology Platform generates stable and high-performing mammalian cell lines that produce g/L quantities of diagnostic reagent proteins in as little as 3 months from the time of transfection. These cell lines are stable for >90 generations, which ensures consistent production, quantity, and quality of the reagent proteins.

With the discovery of novel biomarkers, developing the best assay may still require the ideal reagents to be identified. Selexis SUREvariant Screening is a cost-effective way to improve the outcomes from screening reagents in determining the optimal properties for diagnostic assays.

Diagnostics that are generated using the Selexis SUREtechnology Platform have the advantages of:

High expression

Reducing the size and number of production runs.

Stable expression

Decreasing the risk of product variability between lots.

Selexis SUREvariant Screening

Technology that drives screening campaigns in evaluating reagents for optimal activity.