The Selexis SUREtechnology Platform provides our partners with a single program that can be used for a wide range of applications, from drug discovery to biologics manufacturing.

As a direct result of their technology focus and scientific expertise, the Selexis team has been able to deploy the SUREtechnology Platform to generate nearly 80 drug candidates in clinical manufacturing and two commercial products, representing one of the industry’s largest portfolios.

Target discovery

Selexis SUREvariant Screening accelerates displayed library screenings, as well as the assessment and selection of lead clinical protein therapeutic candidates.

Cell-based assays

SUREtechnology allows for the generation of high-quality cell lines for cell-based assays that are used in drug discovery and screening campaigns.

Protein production for discovery and pre-clinical studies

Selexis SUREpools and SUREclones provide a robust and consistent source of protein material for early studies.


The SUREtechnology Platform enables the generation of high-quality protein reagents for diagnostic applications.

Biomanufacturing of therapeutic proteins

Selexis-generated cell lines are being used from discovery to marketed products.