Board of Directors

Eric R. Johnson

Chairman of the Board

President, JSR Micro, Inc.
Corporate Officer, JSR Corporation

As president of JSR Life Sciences Division, Eric sets and oversees the global strategy, with a focus on innovation from Lab through Launch. Since joining JSR Life Sciences Division, Eric has coordinated the manufacturing and merger and acquisition strategy.

Since 2005, Eric has also served as president of JSR Micro, Inc. where he is responsible for day-to-day U.S. operations and development, and the integration of global strategies. Previously, he was chief operating officer and senior vice president of technology. In 2009, Eric became the first non-Japanese corporate officer of JSR Corporation.

Prior to joining JSR Corporation, Eric spent more than 10 years at Nikon Precision Inc., most recently as vice president of technology. During his time at Nikon, Eric spent more than a year in Nishi Oshi and Kumagaya, Japan, assisting in the development and manufacture of Nikon’s first scanner systems.

Eric earned a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Stanford University and completed executive training at Harvard University. He holds two patents and is the author of several technical publications.


Igor Fisch, PhD


Chief Executive Officer

Since he co-founded Selexis in 2001, Igor has been instrumental in building Selexis into a world-class leader in cell line development and biologic drug discovery. Cell lines that have been developed with Selexis’ technology are being used from discovery to late-phase clinical trials. With a small investment of 810,000 CHF (prize money and angel funds), Igor has guided Selexis through tremendous growth, passing its breakeven point in 2005 into a profitable life science company.

Igor is an accomplished protein chemist and molecular biologist. Prior to Selexis, he was an assistant professor in the Chemical Engineering Department of the Polytechnical School in Lausanne (EPFL). He obtained his PhD under Professor Robin Offord at the University of Geneva and pursued his postdoctoral studies in the laboratory of Prof. Sir Gregory Winter at the Medical Research Council (MRC) in Cambridge, UK. In parallel with his research and teaching activities, Igor obtained several awards, including the De Vigier Prize and the NETS Best Prize.

Igor co-founded BioXpress SA, a provider of high-quality biosimilars, and sits on its advisory board. He is also on the board of Venture Kick, an organization that provides support and funding to translate promising business ideas from Swiss Universities into start-up companies.


Timothy M. Kelly, PhD


President & CEO, KBI Biopharma

Tim brings more than 20 years of experience in large molecule development and characterization to his role as president & CEO at KBI Biopharma. He began his tenure at the company in 2005, serving initially as vice president of biopharmaceutical development where he led the establishment and growth of KBI’s analytical development, formulation development and cGMP laboratory services business.

Subsequently, Tim served as executive vice president of operations with responsibility for KBI’s development and manufacturing functions in North Carolina and Colorado. Throughout his career, Tim has overseen biopharmaceutical services for more than 320 molecules at all stages of development and commercialization and has supported numerous successful U.S. Food and Drug Administration and international regulatory inspections.

His previous experience includes directing quality control for Diosynth Biotechnology, where he supported clinical and commercial biopharmaceutical products. Tim earned his PhD in molecular genetics and biochemistry from Georgia State University.

Tomohiro Kaneko


Manager, Business Planning, JSR Life Sciences Division
Vice President, Corporate Administration and Planning, KBI Biopharma, Inc.

Tomohiro (“Tomo”) began his career with JSR Life Sciences more than 10 years ago. During his tenure at the company, his responsibilities have included finance and administration, strategic planning, and international business coordination among the JSR group of companies.

Tomo has extensive experience in business administration, mergers and acquisitions, post-merger integrations, and new business development. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in sociology from Sophia University in Tokyo.