Media and Feed Strategies

The technology that drives the Selexis Media and Feed Strategies comprises two major elements:

SUREfeed Strategy

The Selexis SUREfeed Strategy defines the media, seeding, and feeding parameters for Selexis’ suspension-adapted CHO-K1 production lines in both shake flasks, allowing for faster and more efficient scale-up to large bioreactors. Media optimization is already done, saving Selexis partners massive amounts of time and money. With the Selexis SUREfeed Strategy, Selexis is typically able to achieve production levels of 1-7 g/L for monoclonal antibodies (fed-batch culture in shake flask).

Off-the-shelf media and off-the-shelf feed

The SUREtechnology Platform utilizes chemically defined media and animal component free, off the shelf media, feeds that are commercially available from multiple suppliers.