Biosimilars Review Impact of increasing Global Competition on Biosimilars
February 28, 2019
Over the past 30 years, biological therapeutics have significantly transformed treatment options and improved outcomes for millions of individuals who face a range of life-threatening diseases. Not only have biologics improved outcomes , but in many cases, they have resulted in fewer side effects and have...
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Drug Discovery News Special Report: Well CHOsen?
November 4, 2018
Special Report on Cell Biology Well CHOsen? Ever-more complicated biologics push technical boundaries By Randall C Willis “Increasingly, we see scientists addressing complicated and intractable diseases by developing complex protein therapeutics such as bi- and tri-specific proteins, DARPins, triabodies, novel scaffolds decorated with peptides, enzymes...
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Obtaining the Optimal Clone: Exploiting metabolic selection in mammalian cells for clonal enrichment, particularly for difficult-to-express proteins.
November 21, 2017
The life sciences industry is increasingly addressing lifethreatening diseases with sophisticated and complex protein therapeutics, such as novel scaffolds, fusion proteins, bi-specific proteins, and cytotoxic cytokines and interferons. These next-generation therapeutics, which are often difficult-to-express proteins, have been accompanied by a new set of challenges...
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Making the Right Choice: Transient vs. Stable Pool Expression in CHO Cells
September 29, 2017
Historically, transient and stable transfections have been performed for different purposes. Transient transfections can rapidly provide reasonable amounts of recombinant proteins (mg quantities) for early evaluation of their activity and typically transient transfections were used in the screening stages of a project when potential clinical...
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